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‘You are the architect of your own career:

Teaching, guiding and advising Black Women how to navigate the world of work safely, and in turn lighting the path of our success’


My Story

Black Women in the working world whatever the job you do or sector you are in, this podcast and platform is for you!

Thank you for your wisdom Toya. Your masterclasses are amazing, your platform is the gift that keeps on giving!

Love this podcast, where has this podcast been all my life?

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Navigating the world of work with you

Toya Talks speaks to Black Women, I chose Black Women first because we are often under-represented and often not picked first or at all. Then I speak to all women. Toya Talks is a platform created to teach, educate and advise on how to navigate the oppressive and often aggressive construct of the workplace.

The Toya Talks logo was inspired by my journey and the journey of many Black Women in the world of work, where often we do not see women who look like us or see them in senior influential positions. The illustration is half of my face, the other side is every Black Woman who has struggled in the workplace irrespective of their experience and background. The struggle to cope and the difficulty of navigating the workplace and having your mental health compromised by colleagues and senior oppressive managers, then finding yourself confronted with the micro and macro aggression that often governs the white construct of the workplace. What the education system and society did not teach us i use my experiences to teach us. Success cannot just be apportioned to everyone else without including Black Women. I use my platform to centre us and create a safe space to learn, grow and rise.

My Story

I was born in London, to first generation Nigerian immigrants.

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I am open to enquiries for public speaking and consulting.

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Toya Talks is a global movement and I recognise the limitations of doing live events in venues that do not have the capability to allow for live streaming. I also receive requests for one 2 one mentoring sessions and recently I have done a few high-level overview topics on Instagram Live, the feedback has been amazing. I thought about how Toya Talks can best service everyone wanting to access the Toya Talks platform, welcome to the Toya Talks Masterclasses.

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